Summer Solstice at White Sands

From locations and landscapes to aesthetic and attitude, western style has become a huge part of my work. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was stoked when the opportunity arose to shoot a collaboration between two of the top brands in the industry. This summer, I came together with Wrangler and Stetson in what became one of my favorite shoots to date. As if the collaboration itself wasn’t cool enough, we decided to take the whole thing to White Sands, New Mexico.


Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to hang with photographer, Rambo, for a couple of days. We went to a donkey farm, explored Fort Worth, shot some photos, ate tacos and watched a few episodes of the Golden Girls. Pretty rad 48 hours.

I don’t make a habit of promoting other photographers, but Rambo is about as cool as it gets. As a fellow contributor at for Stetson and long-time personal photographer of Leon Bridges, I thought it would be cool to turn the camera around on her for a day.

On The Road with Stetson

Last summer, I had the privilege of shooting for Stetson, one of my favorite brands. I spent a few weeks exploring some of my favorite stomping grounds out west, meeting new people and snapping a few shots along the way. It was a good time and such a great experience working for a company who's style and values align so well with my own. What began as an unexpected chance to work for a legendary company has since become a pretty rad friendship and an ongoing thing. I've shot a few more projects for Stetson since then and have several more scheduled throughout the year. This is a repost of my first article at