One Down. Eleven to Go.

I’ve always been driven by the things in life I have to look forward to.  Spring is the great jumpstarter.  It gets us jazzed about the entire year.  We look forward to everything in the springtime.  In summer I’m stoked about traveling.  In late summer I look forward to Fall.  During fall I start getting all jazzed up about the holidays.  During the holidays it's a big boat load of friends, family, downtime, gifts, get-togethers, and greatness.  Then BOOM!  January.  Cold, bleak, uneventful, nothing-to-look-forward-to January.  :|

For me, the stretch from January to the end of February was always the low point of the year.  Christmas was gone.  Friends had all gone home.  School was picking up.  Weather was gloomy, and the worst of the cold was yet to come.  The big comedown from a holiday high.  On big no-bueno burrito.

That’s how it was before photography came along.  Photography rewired my brain.  It worked a total 180 on my perspective. 

These days, the dreaded stretch from Janurary to spring isn't dreaded at all.  It's all about gearing up for spring and summer shoots.  These days I find myself imagining all the shoots of the year.  Who will I meet?  What new people will I shoot with?  What new places will I work in?  It’s a total mental free-for-all about the year to come.  It feels a lot like the few minutes before you hit the field for kick-off or that few seconds before you walk out on stage to play a show in a new town.  It’s a constant rush to think of all the great things a year could have in store.  It was just a matter of doing more of what I enjoy and less of everything else.  Incorporating photography into my life changed my entire perspective.  I can’t wait to see what kinds of new shoots and great new photographs this year is going to bring.

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For those of you who don’t like your job, don’t worry.  Many people don’t.  I do, but not all of it.  It does have it's jobby aspects.  There's a not-so-fun business side to it.  I'm not talking about loving our jobs.  I'm talking about incorporating something enjoyable into our lives.  Whether it's a hobby, a side job, a project, a different career, or even a relationship - something new can change your perspective on everything.  Before you know it, you'll enjoy getting out of bed every morning.  I want to encourage anyone reading this to take a moment.  Think “what is one thing I could start doing or one thing I could change that would make life more exciting?”  If you don’t have an answer right away, start exploring what makes you tick.  What keeps that boat floating?  Then do it!

For me, it's photographing new people and new places.  I love exploring new landscapes.  I love being invited into someone’s life to capture a piece of the story and make new friends.  There’s nothing else like it.  I hope for a full year of it.  Right now, I'm booking shoots for the year and getting a preview of things to come.  Don’t want to jinx it, but it’s shaping up to be an exciting year so far.  This two-month stretch is no longer the low point of the year.  There is no low point anymore.

If you ask me, the end of January is the best time to talk about what kind of year its going to be.  You just got a four-week preview of 2015.  What kind of year is it so far?   Is it time to kick back and relax, or is it time to gear up and get it done?!  Either way, do what makes you happy.  Hate your job?  Look for a new one.  Can't?  That's crap.  Yes you can.  Dig your job but it's not enough?  Stop climbing the ladder and build your own.  Work life isn't your only life.  Fill it with good and ditch the bad.  You got this.

We’re one month down with eleven to go!  This year could be the best one yet.  Do what makes you happy.  It's that simple.  As I write this, I’m in a workshop surrounded by a pile of photos, negatives, cameras, new camera gear, a booking calendar, hot coffee, and two clueless dogs.  They’re just stoked to be a part of the action.  If you won’t take it from me, take if from a couple of happy dogs: surround yourself with good things.  It's a good year for change.